Thursday, September 06, 2007

Updates: Webinar / Pre-Day / Hotel discount for SMB Nation

I don't normall cross-post to my email list and blog, but I have a few annoucements regarding SMB Nation that need some air time.

If you're looking for a room at a discount, see below.

First, I have an event to announce.

I'm going to be a guest on Harry Brelsford's "First Call" webinar. Stats:

September 13th
9:00 AM PST

For information and to register, go to:

We'll talk about what we're up to, and what we'll be presenting at the big SMB Nation Pre-Day event.

Register today!


Second, I'm sorry, but you can't pre-order the new Project Binder book before it's launched. I appreciate the blind faith support. But this thing will be launched on September 28th. You can order online -- and download it -- that day. But not today. And you can't bribe me.

But I'm flattered.

Stay tuned. The days are growing shorter.


If you need a hotel for SMB Nation, I've got your number.

Krista Joyce, Director of Sales for the Redmond Inn sent me an email. She said people were calling her asking for Karl's SMB Information Fest special price. Trouble is, there is no such thing.

Where do you people come up with this?

Anyway, since the Marriott is full and you gotta stay somewhere, here's a deal at the Redmond Inn.

From Krista's email:

I believe Marriott was quoting $119.00 plus tax per night. I would be happy to offer $99.00 plus tax, that's approximately 15% off Marriott's rate! Plus we also offer all of the bells & whistles your Guests will love… complimentary breakfast, internet, parking and hotel shuttle just to name the most popular.

If you could kindly post our toll free reservation number (800) 634 -8080 for telephone reservations or Guest's can also make their reservations on our website @ . Click on our reservations page first and to access our special rate; simply type in PRESMB in the corporate access code text box at the bottom of the page.

And, hey: If you do stay at the Redmond Inn, thank Krista for being a real entrepreneur who tracked the down and put together this deal!

Disclaimer: I'm not making any money off this. I've never met her. She didn't even buy book from me. I'm just passing along a deal for homeless SMB Nation types.


Anyway, SMB Nation is getting closer all the time.

Please join us and have a great time.

It's the last big bash of the year, and the granddaddy of all SMB events.



- Register for "First Call" with Harry B. September 13th ; 9:00 AM PST ;

- No, you can't buy the Project Binder yet

- If you need a hotel for SMB Nation, check out and use the code PRESMB.

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