Sunday, May 13, 2007

Vladar - Radar for Vlad

There are some people you just have to keep an eye on. Even if you're not sure why.

One of these is Vlad Mazek. Always moving. Always doing something different. In some ways, a force in the SMB space who is NTBFW (not to be messed with).

If you've "lost" Vlad, here are a few places you can catch up.

1) Vladcasts !
Vlad's lastest adventure
-- Check out the whole set. Easy to catch up now: there have only been five. Don't know what book he's giving away, but jump on it now.

2) Blog Uno
is his personal philosophy and Vlog.

3) Blog Dos
is more of the professional topics.

3) Vladfire
Video Vlog

4) Own Web Now / Exchange Defender Blog
For folks who use, or are interested in learning about OWN and ED products.
Not those E.D. products.

5) SBS Show
I have an MP3 player that has all of the SBS Shows on it. I guess that's now an archive device.
Super good stuff.
Still praying for a revival.

If I missed anything, Vlad will surely send me an email correcting my lazy ways. So stay tuned for that!

OH! I almost forgot the pricing. Here's what it costs to keep up to date on what's what with the Vladosphere:

1) Vladcasts
Great news. Quick and easy. Great price.

Who wants to pay for maniacal rantings anyway?

Great info on up-to-the-minute news, warnings, etc. in the SMB space.

3) Vladfire
Okay, not always great. But always informative and entertaining. Certainly worth watching.

4) Own Web Now / Exchange Defender Blog
Primarily tech support related, so you might not expect to pay for this.

5) SBS Show
Required listening for everyone in the SMB space.
And it's free.

Thank you, Vlad, for spewing so profusely on the community.

Notice: Everything is subject to change.

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