Monday, January 07, 2019

What's Your Business Worth? Sell My MSP has a handy dandy tool for you

What's Your Business Worth?

Find out - no strings attached!

Right now MSP valuations are off the charts. So if you've been speculating about what your business might be worth, Amy Babinchak and Rayanne Buchianico can help you out.

Over at their site - Sell My MSP - they have a handy tool where you can enter in a few pieces of data and get instant results. They also have refreshed process so they can serve more people quicker. This self-serve tool is a free, no strings attached, simply way for people to figure out what their MSP might be worth.

It’s also a good introduction for anyone thinking of selling today or down the line. You could even use it as a check-up to see if what your building is making process in the right direction.

As Amy describes it: "It’s a weighted calculation collapsed from the terribly complex traditional business evaluation. It was designed by the brilliant Rayanne."

Check it out today. No charge.


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