Friday, November 16, 2018

New Best Practice: 3-Week Mini Classes Take Off

Once again, we've stumbled onto an unfilled need in the IT community!

When I kicked off the Small Biz Thoughts Community, one of the things we promised was a series of 3-week "Mini Classes" on various topics. The goal is that each class will have these features:

  • 100% immediately usable content
  • Focused on your business success
  • with a Community component (opportunity to interact with other members)
  • 30-60 minutes per class
  • Including show-and-tell of the technology we're discussing
November 2018
So far, classes have included:

Client Roadmap Process Deep Dive (current class)

Local Advertising for ITpreneurs

Maximizing LinkedIn

and I've just scheduled the all new class for December:

Tuning Up Your YouTube Channel

All classes are 100% FREE to Small Biz Thoughts Community members. Just go to the Classes section at

December 2018
- - - -

At first, we thought we would just give these classes away as extra value to Community members. But then I started getting requests from non-members to attend.

So I offered the most recent class to the public at $99 - a great price. We got a LOT of signups! So we've decided to open all these classes to the public.

. . . with a catch.

Ideally, you'll sign up for every class. They'll be hugely valuable. And you'll sign up again and again. Over time, you'll get used to paying us $99 every month for a great class.

At some point, you're going to realize that the cost of the Small Biz Thoughts Community is only $99. You get all those awesome mini-classes AND about $4,000 worth of additional downloads. Plus forums, discussions, and an almost-overwhelming amount of information.

I love capitalism. And I believe you can spend your money any way you want. But I think the wise way to go is to join the Small Biz Thoughts Community and ramp up your success to the next level.

Feedback welcome, as always.


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