Thursday, September 20, 2018

Cloud Services “Objection Crusher” Sales Tool Added to Small Biz Thoughts Community

Four new items - including a 600 page book - added to the Small Biz Thoughts Community this week.

Today's addition is the

Cloud Services Objection Crusher

This is a 9 page PDF document in Q and A format. I present the 36 biggest objections you might hear from cloud service prospects. Better yet – I answer each of them.

I’ve been selling cloud services as my primary offering since 2008. Some of the objections that MSPs think they’re going to hear never materialize. But other very real objections are very common. Here’s how I handle them.

This is a great sales tool. Start with my prompts (and answers) and develop YOUR answers in your words. Be prepared before you go on that appointment.

As attendees of the Cloud Roadshow from 2017 know, I handed out "flash cards" so you can see the objections and formulate answers to them.

Then I did the five-week Cloud Services course with ChannelPro and Mark Smith talked me into typing up MY answers to all these objections. Thus this nine-page document.

It's not perfect. Your services are not my services. Your clients are not my clients. But I'll bet 90% of this is spot on. And if nothing else, it's a place to start.

I am NOT selling.

This objection crusher is only available (at no extra charge) to members of the SBT Community.

Check it out now.

Total value of downloads within the Small Biz Thoughts Community is now over $3,475!

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